Partners meet on Hamburg to discuss next steps of the project

Isabel Sünner, Head of International Cooperation at Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) and the host of the “GoSmart BSR” project partner meeting at the end of October says: “Transnational smart specialisation strategies (S3s) should be considered complementary to regional and national S3s. They can help to overcome inward-looking aspects of S3s by expanding [...]

Save the date! Stakeholder meeting and workshop will take place in Denmark

During implementation of “GoSmart BSR” project, consultations and interactions with stakeholders takes place in every partner region. Business Aabenraa now are planning the stakeholder meeting – a full day workshop 3rd December with focus on small and medium sized company (SMEs) opportunities for internationalization and innovation. The workshop will be organized in way SMEs could […]

Cross-border network for promotion of internationalization of companies in Baltic sea region is being build

Currently, seven countries in the Baltic Sea region jointly establish cross-border network for promotion of internationalization of small un medium-sized enterprises. The functionality of network will be tested in practice by September 2020, involving entrepreneurs from all regions in the pilot program. As one of the cornerstones of building the network, will serve a review […]