GoSmart sharing good practices and contributing to foster interregional partnerships around smart specialisation topics

Innovation Broker Ilona Platonova from Vidzeme Planning Region along with  representatives from 60 other European regions participated at the workshop “A Robust Innovation Ecosystem for the future of Europe” hosted by Innovation Ecosystems unit of the European innovation Council (EIC) Task Force of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Research and Innovation in Brussels on […]

TIBS system is recognised as a good example of international support for SMEs

GoSmart BSR Innovation Broker Ilona Platonova participated at the conference “New Industrial value chains for Growth” in Tampere, organized by members of The Vanguard Initiative, who are driven by a political commitment made by regions to use their smart specialisation strategy to boost new growth through bottom-up entrepreneurial innovation and industrial renewal in European priority […]

Transnational Innovation Brokerage System gains great feedback in Brussels

The availability of international Innovation Broker in the regions is a way for small and medium-sized enterprises to help developing their product/service and to allow them to see opportunities for cooperation with entrepreneurs or research institutions in other countries, thus promoting of smart specialisation in businesses and cross-border cooperation. GoSmart BSR Transnational Innovation [...]