Furthering innovation in South-Estonia

In February 2020 a meeting was held in Valga, where representatives of Valga Municipality Government, Tartu City Government, Tartu Science Park, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and Ministry of Finance were participating to discuss Estonian government’s short and long term plans. We were interested in how much and what kind of effort does Estonian […]

6 tips for a business growth from an Innovation broker

📉⚙ Many companies now are in a difficult situation. An innovation broker at Vidzeme Planning Region, Latvia, Ilona Platonova 🗣 invites you to look at new opportunities and offers 6 tips for business growth. Ilona, as well as other GoSmartBSR brokers, continue to work as an entrepreneur support persons, providing advisory services to SMEs on development issues remotely. 💻📲 Take the [...]

“GoSmart BSR” network and project results are represented in the political arena of Brussels

“GoSmart BSR” Steering Committee member Ms Laila Gercāne from Vidzeme Planning Region (VPR) (Latvia) attended the 12th Baltic Sea Tourism Forum and Smart Regions 3.0 Conference in Brussels to purposefully spread the word on the project’s “GoSmart BSR” outcomes. The participation in conferences provided the opportunity of networking, to join in matchmaking events with [...]