GoSmart BSR as part of project platform „BSR S3 Ecosystem“ selected for funding

GoSmart BSR will now also be part of one of the newly approved platform projects in the Baltic Sea Region: https://www.interreg-baltic.eu/news-detail/news/twelve-projects-approved-to-capitalise-on-project-results.html.

The Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) brought GoSmart BSR into the „BSR S3 Ecosystem“ platform application which was selected for funding by the Interreg BSR Monitoring Committee at its meeting on 10-11 April in Lübeck.

Project platforms are meant to support cooperation among partners of projects funded by different funding programmes in a certain thematic field in order to increase their impact. Platforms should ensure more intensive use, better durability and transferability of projects’ outcomes.

HWWI will be a partner in this project for the coming 2.5 years. The platform approach is a good opportunity to bring the GoSmart BSR project results even closer to politics.

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