GoSmart BSR project was introduced in Latvia

GoSmart BSR project was introduced to public authorities, higher education representatives, research institutes and SMEs from Vidzeme region, LATVIA.

Project GoSmart BSR regional opening conference was held on 7th of February. 60 participants joined GoSmart BSR session to hear about planned project results and generating practical solutions for regional development issues.

GoSmart BSR opening session – workshop was done in untraditional way, by introducing stakeholders to the essence and significance of smart specialization in local and cross-border level, and letting them bring up the problems, joint actions and possible solutions regarding sustainable and effective cooperation for SMEs, research institutes, universities and public authorities in field of Smart specialisation.

Gathered participants were surprised when, after generating possible scenarios, GoSmart BSR team introduced them to project aim and planned results that turned out to be just the right solution they were trying to come up with during the workshops. Even more – they expressed a willingness to get involved in project activities, particularly in forming brokerage system.