GoSmart BSR with a series of webinars support companies in Vidzeme to effectively digitize their business processes

In May and June, within the project GoSmart BSR in cooperation with Vidzeme Entrepreneurship Centre, a series of webinars for entrepreneurs are organised to provide practical knowledge on how to digitize the existing processes of the company to remain competitive when clients can’t be met in person or are abroad.

As a result of emergencies, many businesses around the world face the need to quickly adapt to the new working and market conditions, still filling the needs of their customers. More often is being emphasized that the constraints of the COVID-19 crisis will be affecting companies in the long term, highlighting the need to adapt companies’ existing processes to a new form to reduce, for example, contact between employees and customers.

To support SMEs in the region to adapt to the new conditions or see even new business opportunities, Vidzeme Planning Region team in cooperation with field experts is implementing a series of activities.

The first online seminar on digitization has already been held. During the seminar, entrepreneurs were introduced to specific tools on how to analyse the processes in the company and thus be able to define the digitization challenge. Experts introduced to a term – customer’s roadmap, explaining how necessary is to understand their feelings, emotions and actual needs to improve the business sales results. Attention was also paid on how entrepreneurs can promote cross-border cooperation.

It is now important more than ever to improve processes in companies and to work result-oriented – ensure legal requirements and to fill customers real needs,” emphasized experts.

The focus of the next seminar planned on 19th of May, will be on e-commerce and digital development strategy – how to communicate services on the internet, what attracts internet users, how to ensure a long-term relationship with the customers without physical contact?

Three more practical online seminars are planned until the beginning of June.

Photo: pixabay.com