GoSmart was discussed on Tartu, Estonia

GoSmart BSR Project informational event in Estonia was held on 5 July at SPARK Demo Centre in Tartu.

The main idea of the event was to discuss the smart specialisation in general – what is the situation and what kind of opportunities for development and cooperation it provides. Triin Roo from Valga Municipality Government introduced GoSmart project and explained what kind of opportunities it offers for all stakeholders.

Karl Viiol, consultant from Tartu Business Advisory Services gave an insight to South Estonian Smart Specialisation Strategy.

The group discussions followed to learn about development needs and possibilities, especially how different stakeholder sectors could cooperate and contribute. Also, one of the important topics that was discussed is how to define smart specialisation to Valga local municipality to ensure sustainable development of the area.

The participants of the GoSmart BSR project informational event gathered representatives from local government, business support organizations, entrepreneurs, educational organizations, and active society members.