Limitations of Strategies for Smart Specialisation

Dr. Jan Wedemeier, head of the research area “Economics of Cities and Regions” and researcher responsible for the EU research project “GoSmart BSR” at the HWWI, has written with Mirko Kruse, junior researcher at the HWWI, a new article “Limitations of Strategies for Smart Specialisation”. The article was published in the November issue of the German economics journal “Wirtschaftsdienst” and deals with the cohesion policy of the European Union.

The EU cohesion policy lies on a variety of pillars including Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3) on a regional basis. This concept is in accordance with the EU 2020 goals of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and can enable regions to catch-up to other particularly successful regions. The authors present the six steps to develop a RIS3 strategy and show that it can play a vital role for cohesion policy although there are certain limitations and misunderstandings regarding the methodology. Certain adaptations in regard to the next budget period of the EU are recommended in order to fully utilise the concept’s potential.

The article can be acquired at the Springer Berlin Heidelberg:

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