Partners meet in Hamburg to discuss next steps of the project

Isabel Sünner, Head of International Cooperation at Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) and the host of the “GoSmart BSR” project partner meeting at the end of October says: “Transnational smart specialisation strategies (S3) should be considered complementary to regional and national S3. They can help to overcome inward-looking aspects of S3 by expanding interregional and transnational dimensions of innovation. Intensifying transnational collaboration in innovation policy will open up new business opportunities for SMEs as regional innovation drivers.”

During a policy discussion, experts from Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Germany gave feedback on priority areas and possibilities for transnational S3 cooperation. The Hamburg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transportation and Innovation provided insights about recent developments in Hamburg. Corporate business representatives shared their practical experiences on internationalisation, digitisation and innovation strategies.