The smart specialisation approaches in Hamburg discussed by the representatives from politics and business

Currently, the economy is undergoing major structural changes. Digitization and sustainability transform entire locations and regions. Therefore, developing new strategies for networking and specialisation is of great importance. The EU Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3) aims to promote the structural change towards growth, based on knowledge and innovation and in individual regions. Stakeholders from local authorities, science, companies and civil society work together to identify regional competitive advantages and to develop long-term growth strategies.

In Hamburg, Smart Specialisation Strategies relate to the areas of maritime, logistics, renewable energies, media, healthcare, creative industries, aviation and life sciences. Within the innovation policy of the Hamburg Senate, their clusters act as strategic areas of specialisation.

#SmartSpecialisation was the topic of Hamburg 4.0 program on @Hamburg1. Together with representatives from politics and business, the smart specialisation approaches for #Hamburg is currently developing. The role of these #S3 concepts and their play regarding the #competitiveness of #regions were discussed on Hamburg 1.

Because of their work on the methodology for the Transnational Smart Specialisation strategy within GoSmart BSR project, the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) will be able to apply their knowledge and theoretical framework when working with S3 development in the region.