Project Activities

The main activities of the project include a detailed study of the initial situation in all 7 partner regions in field of smart specialisation, identifying common priority areas for further Baltic Sea Region development, creating joint plan for strengthening smart specialisation and building Transnational Innovation Brokerage System (TIBS).
Even though entrepreneurs already have a seemingly significant range of support tools to develop their ideas and intentions, it has been concluded that some support systems and tools are no longer available, funding of several previously proposed funds has come to an end, or the available support systems don’t fulfil the expectations. The circumstances call for an assessment of the current situation and a search for new and innovative solutions to improve systems and tools. If the current support is not sufficient or desirable, it is necessary to look for alternatives to new and perhaps even unusual support.
GoSmart BSR team are working on identifying gaps of existing support systems and tools, as well as identifying support needs, existing development barriers and cooperation potential of SMEs to build bottom-up based transnational support system for internationalization, smart specialisation and innovation.
The work will continue by establishing and developing a functioning and sustainable transnational innovation brokerage system (TIBS) by recruiting a trained specialist – broker, who will work to ensure the link among the needs of enterprises, the resources of research institutes and the influence of policy-making institutions.
Further TIBS will be tested together with entrepreneurs from each partner region to ensure its sustainability. Also, during project there will be carried out dissemination and proliferation of results and building ground for expanding TIBS. More detailed information about project activities you can find below.