Case studies

Lithuania and Estonia

Lithuanian company, THRUST – Intelligent UAV systems, is developing a new generation fixed wing drones for aerial monitoring and diagnostics. They are designing and manufacturing drones designed to carry a combination of sensors, which scan everything below, collecting different layers of data, which later can be analysed to optimise the operations. Their key advantage – drones are designed to fly far (up to 300 km), at low (altitude from 100 m) and slow (cruise speed of 43 km/h). This allows their drones to out-perform other drones on the market when it comes to large scale, high quality data gathering. Their focus for the last 3 years has been on electricity grid diagnostics, however in 2021 they are planning to enter the agriculture sector as well. To develop and test out drones for this purpose they are planning to apply for funding via AgROBOfood instrument and were looking for partners from Estonia, Latvia and Poland. THRUST offered 50 000€ for the activities of the project partners and some fields will be scanned and analysed to provide insights on how to improve growing conditions and yields – the analytics software providers claim that the gathered data allows to save costs on pesticides, fertilizers and detect irrigation flaws. Altogether 2 partners from Estonia were interested in cooperation with Lithuanian companies, including eAgronom, e Agronom is a successful Estonian start-up that offers farm management software for grain producers. They applied together with Lithuanian company, THRUST – Intelligent UAV systems applied together for funding from agROBOfood open call for Innovation Experiments.

Poland and Estonia

Estonian company is offering metal fabrication services online. Thanks to this service engineers can upload their CAD files (2D drawings or 3D models) for instant pricing. The algorithms calculate the price and lead time instantly based on the data gathered from manufacturing partners. In case the customers accept the price and pays, the job is forwarded to a partnering manufacturer who will take care of the production. This application helped two Polish companies from metal sector who deliver services of broadly spoken steel processing for example, cutting, welding, spinning, cutting, and welding to bring innovation to Polish metal sector. Thanks to this online platform Polish metal companies can find new potential customers. Platform makes metal company’s life much easier – it finds potential customer, organises logistics and invoicing. Thanks to engagement of Polish and Estonian Innovation Brokers both sides can improve the platform and introduce it to daily work of metal companies.

Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia

The Metal Processing Cluster with premises in Białystok, is the largest cluster of the metal and machine industries in Poland. It brings together nearly 90 companies operating in the field of services, production and trade, as well as 20 strategic partners such as universities, business environment institutions and local government authorities. Cluster actively looks for exploring the potential and was cooperating with regional Innovation Broker from the beginning of GoSmart BSR and later GoSmart&Excel. In 2020 together with Lithuanian and Estonian Partner Cluster was hosting mission focused on innovation. But finally after the whole value chain analyses Brokers from Poland and Latvia managed to combine potentials, synergies and interest. Together with Latvian GreenTech Cluster they elaborated strategy and as final result organised in an international consortium and applied for funds. The idea is to Support manufacturing companies, and in particular industrial equipment and tool providers, in their resilience initiatives by raising awareness and mobilizing them on the solutions offered by Green Manufacturing.

Poland and Finland

Small producer of natural cosmetics, located in Poland and also a family company, with the goal of creating simple, functional care products based on natural raw materials. Company implements innovative skin care cosmetics which can work great without the addition of unhealthy chemicals.

“Just like the fact that we always try to make every our natural product – from the recipe, through raw materials used, to the label and packaging – fully nuanced.” Within zero waste philosophy and practice the company is looking the potential and thus got engaged in TIBS system. Collaboration with Polish Innovation Broker enabled them to analyse value chain, present their company during online pitching sessions and as a result find a partner lead by Broker from Finland. Together with Finnish partner they open innovative potential on new foreign market.

Estonia and Latvia

Adensen Furniture is a family furniture company, who are thinking about the future – children, nature and saving. They make furniture for children, that are multifunctional. They believe that by producing smart children’s furniture they can improve the quality of our children’s lives. For example, they have produced an innovative set that grows with the baby, Adensen Smart furniture modules allow you to use one set until your child is a teen. Adensen is planning to start with a new project, and they need thermally modified lumber for that.

In cooperation with Estonian and Latvian brokers, a partner was found in Latvia, SIA “REK”. Company is engaged in the production of thermocouple terraces, finished materials, constructions, and other pine thermocouple materials. Cooperation is going well, and SIA “REK” is pleased to be able to fulfil the customer order – to deliver pines thermocouple materials according to Adensen needs.