Thanks to a prompt and professional brokerage service provided by GoSmart&Excel BSR team, Lithuanian and Estonian companies joined forces to establish an international consortium and together with its members applied for a funding from AgROBOfood instrument.

THRUST Intelligent UAV systems, a Lithuanian company that develops new generation fixed wing drones for aerial monitoring and diagnostics, has decided to opt for a new sector of possibilities. For the last three years, it has been designing and manufacturing drones to carry a combination of sensors for electricity grid diagnostics. These drones can scan everything below and collect different layers of data, which later can be analysed to optimise the operations. What is more, the drones are designed to fly far (up to 300 km), low (altitude from 100 m) and slow (cruise speed of 43 km/h), which allows them to outperform other drones on the market when it comes to a large-scale, high-quality data gathering.


With this in mind, the company has decided to broaden its market and adapt its technology for the agriculture sector. However, being new to the field, it needed guidance and support for further developments, therefore, it has enlisted the help from GoSmart&Excel BSR and its Transnational Innovation Brokerage System (TIBS). The company has contacted TIBS innovation broker in Lithuania, who then examined new market opportunities in the agriculture sector for the company and started looking for a potential partnership in the field. The broker then contacted TIBS partners in Estonia and received a contact for an Estonian start-up eAgronom, which offers farm management software for grain producers.


And the rest, as they say, is history. The two companies hit it off immediately and started looking for even more businesses to join their consortium and develop new software that would enable farmers to save costs on pesticides, fertilizers and detect irrigation flaws. The application form has been created and actually submitted for the AgROBOfood instrument. The funding requested amounts to 50 000 euro.

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