On 14th September 2021  the North Denmark EU-office hosted an exclusive seminar for SMEs located at the NOVI Business Park in Aalborg, Denmark. The business park is home to approx. 250 companies employing some 2500 people operating mostly within research and innovation mainly spin-outs from the local university, AAU. The aim was to reach out to new SMEs never been in touch with or even having the knowledge of the EU-office. 

Some 20 companies participated in this “first of its kind” event focusing on the services provided by the organization, giving a brief 1 hour introduction to EU funding and partnering services and thereby visualize new and maybe unknown opportunities. The purpose was to create brief knowledge, create curiosity and eventually to bridge to in-depth meetings with the participants. 

The TIBS program was introduced with a special focus on the opportunities for partnering in the BSR (Baltic Sea Region) where the innovation broker program will offer assistance when the SME is looking for innovation partnerships and business opportunities in the region e.g. in connection to an INTERREG Baltic program. 

This test event resulted in new meetings scheduled with 5 participants where first meeting has already been conducted. Furthermore, this methodology will be used to offer similar “intro events” to stakeholders like business partners in the region connected to the municipalities or cluster partners.