Polish SMEs’ are expressing their interest in taking advantage of the TIBS services

On 29th of October, 2019, Podlaska Regional Development Foundation organised a meeting in a form of a business breakfast – an early-morning networking event aimed at entrepreneurs, academia, administration and business organisations interested in international cooperation. 44 participants had an opportunity to learn more about the Transnational Innovation Brokerage System (TIBS) value proposition from Kamil Pendowski, Director for Development Projects at PFRR, who later discussed the topic of entering new, foreign markets by Polish SMEs.

Afterwards the audience was introduced to Anna Wrzesinska, Innovation Broker from Podlaska Regional Development Foundation who discussed the results of first pilot cycle of TIBS services and presented the audience case studies of companies that began cooperation thanks to TIBS and achieved success. Presenters emphasised the importance of transnational cooperation in terms of both innovative businesses and technologies.

🎯 After the introduction to the GoSmart BSR project and TIBS, the participants had some less formal time for networking and exchange of views, opinions and business propositions. Around half of the SMEs’ representatives afterwards expressed their interest in taking advantage of the TIBS services.

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