We cannot be sustainable without thinking globally – entrepreneurs and researchers point to the need to create a single platform for packaging issues

Several Latvian entrepreneurs and researchers have taken important steps to cooperate in identifying or creating sustainable food packaging. At the end of November, Vidzeme Planning Region (VPR) in cooperation with Riga Technical University (RTU) organized the fourth stage of the Innovation Co-creation Laboratory (ICL), called experimental co-creation. The aim of this event was to search […]

GoSmart BSR innovation brokers visit RIGA FOOD

From 9th to 12th of September, an event called the „Riga Food“ took place in Riga. Professionals come together to the biggest Baltic food industry fair Riga Food to derive ideas, knowledge and information allowing further professional and business development. The event connects companies looking for production partners with manufacturers, service providers and suppliers within […]

Enterprise Estonia encourages Valga companies to cooperate

On Thursday, August 27, an information day of Enterprise Estonia’s products and services was held at the Valga County Vocational Training Center, which was organized by Enterprise Estonia in cooperation with the Estonian GoSmart Innovation Broker Laura Gredzens. The event provided an overview of the support measures and services offered to companies for product development. […]