The prolongation of the GoSmart BSR will allow to strengthen and make project achievements more visible

The partnership of the project GoSmart BSR has found an opportunity to prolong the project. It will not only allow strengthening the innovation capacity of entrepreneurs by organizing educational and inspiring events and providing innovation broker consultations in Baltic Sea Region countries but also to become more visible and ensure sustainable future of the overall project achievements.

During the 7th project implementation period, many activities will be aimed at achieving one of the most important project outputs – development of SMEs Joint Transnational Smart Strategies.

Project partners pointed out that based on internal discussions they will continue to work on the sustainable future of Transnational Innovation Brokerage System (TIBS), promoting cooperation between entrepreneurs and with foreign partners. The overall goal is to select the best solution to ensure the possibility of using the TIBS service in the future after the completion of the GoSmart BSR project.

Vidzeme Planning Region will use the prolongation of the project also to implement an experimental innovation Co-creation Lab. It aims to promote cooperation between researchers and entrepreneurs for the creation of innovative solutions (products, services, technologies, processes, business models), commercialization of inventions and strengthening of Latvian practical research and business competitiveness. It will bring together representatives of the food business to work with researchers on sustainable food packaging solutions.

Also, thanks to the prolongation of the project, the goal of participating in the annual Vidzeme Innovation week (Latvia) is becoming real. Each year the event gathers a wide range of visitors thus creating it as a powerful platform for sharing project achievements.

In addition to the activities of the 7th project period, the GoSmart BSR partnership will continue its cooperation until the end of the next year working on a new project – GoSmart & Excel BSR. The partnership and the international brokerage network will join partners from Sweden and Finland. GoSmart & Excel BSR will provide an opportunity to continue to work with the developed methodology for the International Smart Specialization Strategy, as well as the TIBS as an important support system for the development of cross-border innovation.