With multiple benefits for your company

Tailored to your needs

TIBS brokers will evaluate your company and provide individually tailored solutions to fosterthe value chain approach, thuscontributing to your businessby:

  • reducing your costs;
  • increasing efficiency;
  • providing benefit calculation.

Improve access to markets

TIBS brokers ensure access to 7 European markets and beyond. Our brokers belong to the network of networks and can provide you with necessary contact points that will help with:

  • access to new markets;
  • participation in company missions;
  • finding new foreign partners.

Building connections

TIBS brokers will supportandguide you throughout thepartn ership bu ildin gstepbystepfrom the very first idea to the very end when a partnership agreement is concluded.

Smart solutions

TIBS will help your company to increase its competitiveness by introducing future trends, making recommendations on adapting a bu sin ess model, sou rcin g innovation, transferring or gain in g kn owledge.

Go Smart – Innovate Across Borders. How does it work?

The broker meets with

The broker conducts company’s assesment and identifies its needs

The broker establishes contact with partners from 7 markets to find a tailored solution

The broker searches for a solution within the network to start building an international partnership

The broker provides tailored solutions that match company’s needs