Work is ongoing on identifying companies that is interested to enter TIBS

Along with work on defining the design and methodology of transnational innovation brokerage system (TIBS), currently within “GoSmart BSR” work on identifying companies that want to use services of TIBS is carried out.

The main task is to collect the basic information about those companies or other Trans-S3 actors who are ready for various internationalisation activities and expresses their own interest to be supported by TIBS services. The list of companies will be constantly updated with new stakeholders from each of partner regions, but most importantly the range of information about those companies will be widened as a result of formal, informal meetings and consulation sessions.

“We make the list of companies that would contain information about innovative companies from each region and would provide an opportunity for homogenous group of business working in the same smart specialization field to find each other and establish new innovative partnerships. This would not be possible without brokerage system, the more actors we involve into our list the more possibilities for new initiatives they would have,” says TAUTVYDAS PIPIRAS, project consultant of Lithuanian Innovation Centre.

This information would enable international brokers to identify companies’ needs. In accordance to stakeholder’s requests innovation brokers will be able to form tangible and beneficial proposals that would encourage companies to create new international partnerships or brokers would consult companies on their growth strategy how companies might take advantages of cross border cooperation.

In parallel, defining of necessary qualifications and work experience required of innovation and internationalisation brokers of TIBS are carried out. During January recruitment process will take place with aim to start intensive training program that will ensure appropriate skills and competences behind TIBS services.