Entrepreneurs can achieve a list of benefits from internationalisation

The aim of the “GoSmart BSR” project is to develop Smart Specialization Strategies in an interregional system, primarily through the internationalisation of business. Currently within project work on identifying companies that want to use services of transnational innovation brokerage system (TIBS) is carried out. The question arises: what economic benefits can enterprises achieve from [...]

Partners meet in Hamburg to discuss next steps of the project

Isabel Sünner, Head of International Cooperation at Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) and the host of the “GoSmart BSR” project partner meeting at the end of October says: “Transnational smart specialisation strategies (S3) should be considered complementary to regional and national S3. They can help to overcome inward-looking aspects of S3 by expanding interregional […]

Cross-border network for promotion of internationalisation of companies in Baltic sea region is being build

Currently, seven countries in the Baltic Sea region is jointly establishing cross-border network for promotion of internationalisation of small un medium-sized enterprises. The functionality of network will be tested in practice by September 2020 involving entrepreneurs from all regions in the pilot program. One of the cornerstones of building the network is going to be […]

Next step to set common smart specialisation areas: stakeholders consultations and entrepreneurial development process

There are 5 first significant steps almost done within project to set common smart specialisation areas in seven countries/regions of Baltic sea region. Currently activities are carried out in STEP 5 (see in picture below), where stakeholders during meetings in each of the regions are introduced with results to get their feedback. The aim of […]