Partners meet on Hamburg to discuss next steps of the project

Isabel Sünner, Head of International Cooperation at Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) and the host of the “GoSmart BSR” project partner meeting at the end of October says: “Transnational smart specialisation strategies (S3s) should be considered complementary to regional and national S3s. They can help to overcome inward-looking aspects of S3s by expanding [...]

Save the date! Stakeholder meeting and workshop will take place in Denmark

During implementation of “GoSmart BSR” project, consultations and interactions with stakeholders takes place in every partner region. Business Aabenraa now are planning the stakeholder meeting – a full day workshop 3rd December with focus on small and medium sized company (SMEs) opportunities for internationalization and innovation. The workshop will be organized in way SMEs could […]

Cross-border network for promotion of internationalization of companies in Baltic sea region is being build

Currently, seven countries in the Baltic Sea region jointly establish cross-border network for promotion of internationalization of small un medium-sized enterprises. The functionality of network will be tested in practice by September 2020, involving entrepreneurs from all regions in the pilot program. As one of the cornerstones of building the network, will serve a review […]

Next step to set common smart specialisation areas: stakeholders consultations and entrepreneurial development process

There are five first significant steps almost done within project to set common smart specialisation areas in seven countries/regions of Baltic sea region. Currently activities are carried out in STEP 5 (see in picture below), where stakeholders during meetings in each of the regions are introduced with results to get their feedback. The aim of […]

Summary of conclusions from the review of applicable management concepts

An initial step towards designing and developing the Transnational Innovation Brokerage System (TIBS) facilitating internationalization and transnational innovation transfer among SMEs has been already done during the first project period. The GoSmart BSR project is aiming to establish such system among all partner regions/countries. The summary of conclusions from the review of applicable [...]

Interviews with entrepreneurs takes place with aim to find solutions for business development

Questionnaires and interviews of small and medium entrepreneurs currently is taking place at all partner countries in Baltic Sea Region, with aim to find out needs, barriers, potential for cooperation and interests in the context of internationalization, innovation and smart specialization. Based on results of the research, bottom-up solutions will be made for business support […]

GoSmart was discussed on Tartu, Estonia

GoSmart BSR Project informational event in Estonia was held on 5 July at SPARK Demo Center in Tartu. The main idea of the event was to discuss the smart spezialisation in general – what is the situation and what kind of opportunities for development and cooperation it provides. Triin Roo from Valga Municipality Government introduced […]