The innovation co-creation laboratory unites companies and researchers in an unprecedented experiment in Latvia

Several Latvian entrepreneurs and researchers have started working together to explore, find concepts, generate ideas, and create innovative solutions towards sustainable food packaging. Giving the fact that food packaging is a current problem both globally and locally, and the demand for it is growing, Vidzeme Planning Region (VPR, Latvia) together with Riga Technical University (Latvia) [...]

Vidzeme Planning Region’s participation in the TIBS inspires other organizations in Latvia to develop innovation support system

“Knowledge travels with people and transfers during a cooperation,” stressed the business support specialist in Vidzeme Planning Region (VPR), innovation broker Ilona Platonova during an online meeting with the representatives of the Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre. The aim of the discussion was to introduce the participants with the results of the GoSmart BSR […]

The prolongation of the GoSmart BSR will allow to strengthen and make project achievements more visible

The partnership of the project GoSmart BSR has found an opportunity to prolong the project. It will not only allow strengthening the innovation capacity of entrepreneurs by organizing educational and inspiring events and providing innovation broker consultations in Baltic Sea Region countries but also to become more visible and ensure sustainable future of the overall […]

GoSmart BSR innovation brokers visit RIGA FOOD

From 9th to 12th of September, an event called the „Riga Food“ took place in Riga. Professionals come together to the biggest Baltic food industry fair Riga Food to derive ideas, knowledge and information allowing further professional and business development. The event connects companies looking for production partners with manufacturers, service providers and suppliers within […]

Get to know international innovation brokers (VIDEO)

Since the beginning of the project GoSmart BSR, seven innovation brokers in different Baltic Sea Region countries within the Transnational innovation brokerage system (TIBS) provide support to entrepreneurs to help strengthening their innovation capacity and establishing international cooperation. Each broker has a different experience to share while working with various businesses. Increased [...]

Enterprise Estonia encourages Valga companies to cooperate

On Thursday, August 27, an information day of Enterprise Estonia’s products and services was held at the Valga County Vocational Training Center, which was organized by Enterprise Estonia in cooperation with the Estonian GoSmart Innovation Broker Laura Gredzens. The event provided an overview of the support measures and services offered to companies for product development. […]

Circular economy – necessity and the driving force for innovations

“Circular economy is inevitable,” emphasized Jana Simanovska, project expert at Ecodesign Competence Centre and a researcher at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences during the annual Vidzeme Innovation conference in Latvia organized by Vidzeme Planning Region. Watch the video about the opportunities, future trends, challenges implementing the principles of the circular economy. The circular [...]

The role of design in the circular economy (VIDEO)

What is the role of design in achieving the goals of the circular economy? How does design thinking contribute to the efficient use of resources? We propose to watch an inspiring video first time presented during the annual Vidzeme Innovation week in Latvia organized by Vidzeme Planning Region. Aija Freimane, an associate professor of the […]

Entrepreneurs in Vidzeme interested in digitizing the existing business processes to support transnational collaboration

Gathering more than 100 participants, during the emergency, Vidzeme Planning Region has carried out a series of webinars on digital solutions for businesses, which can promote business development locally and abroad. Entrepreneurs’ experience in implementing digital processes in businesses is different. For some, it is sales and communication with customers, for others – production and [...]