Export supports business – GoSmart BSR supports Podlasie SME’s export

Export is a necessity in the modern world. GoSmart BSR helps entrepreneurs obtaining export contracts. The offer includes the TIBS service for companies interested in foreign expansion. Going abroad is a natural stage of business development and increasing the market value of the enterprise.

It is worth noting that Poland’s participation in international exports is steadily increasing. According to GUS data in 2018 value of Polish exports exceeded EUR 221 billion, which is 1.4 percent. of the entire global commodity exchange in the world. Where do we export? Europe is the most important export destination (90% of goods and services export), while Germany is the largest recipient. Which products did Polish companies export in 2018? Most often machinery and mechanical devices, electronic equipment (including home appliances), vehicles and their parts. Boats and yachts, but also buses and trams are the bestseller in this category. Further export hits are:

1) agri-food, over 80% of Polish food goes to European Union countries,
2) furniture and joinery, for which we are the largest exporter among EU countries,
3) cosmetics,
4) products from the jewelry industry, as well as toys, articles and sports equipment.

Why is it worth exporting? The most important export advantages for the company are:

1) acquiring a new market, acquiring foreign contractors,

2) opening to innovative solutions in the field of products and implemented processes,

3) larger scale of operations and improvement of the use of the company’s existing potential,

4) increase in sales revenues and financial result,

5) improving the company’s image, acquiring the ability to establish business contacts and specialized knowledge regarding foreign exchange,

6) building brand recognition among foreign consumers,

7) changing the current business model of the enterprise, reorganizing the enterprise,

8) supporting innovative activities, a chance to implement joint technology projects, as well as attracting new investors looking for locations for business operations,

9) the possibility of using new sources of financing activities.

Entrepreneurs from Podlasie are looking for new places to sell their products on foreign markets. The factors favoring the development of export are the proximity of EU markets, competitive product prices, cost competitiveness, and high quality of work.

As part of the GoSmart BSR project, we offer a network of international brokers supporting internationalization and innovation (TIBS service). Entrepreneurs interested in export may apply to a project partner of the Podlasie Regional Development Foundation and arrange a meeting with an innovation broker Anna Wrzesińska, email [email protected]

Article created by Anna Dyhdalewicz, PhD.
Bialystok University of Technology
[email protected]