Feedback from the entrepreneur – TIBS user in Latvia (video)

An innovation broker Ilona Platonova has been working in Vidzeme region (Latvia) for more than a year, consulting entrepreneurs on innovation and international cooperation issues for the development of smart specialisation areas in the region. To provide an insight into the companies’ experience, the Vidzeme Planning Region team has prepared and offers to watch the video.

The company “Design Elevator” Ltd which is located in Vidzeme, used the support of innovation broker, and jointly analysed target audience of their product, most important sales channels, and prepared information for foreign partners – other innovation brokers. Company has developed and is launching a new product – Design Thinking Toolkit – a set of cards that includes various tasks. As a result of the cooperation with innovation broker, the English version of the product was promoted, and new channels for the dissemination of such innovative product was found.

“Often we need help from the aside to help us take a step back and look at the product and ask that obvious question we already have an assumptions of,” said a founder the company Charles Bušmanis.

Watch the video to know more about their experience within brokerage system:

Yet consultations have been provided to various companies in Vidzeme, most often helping to address issues related to entering a new market, business process reorganisation, product customisation and finding partners. Consultations are useful for those companies in the fields of metalworking and mechanical engineering, food production, as well as information technology, which has long-term business plans and whose development opportunities in Latvia are limited.

The innovation broker looks at the company’s opportunities in an international context, at other niches outside the scope of its current activities, to lead together with other entrepreneurs or the research sector abroad. More information about the international brokerage network: