At the end of December, the GoSmart&Excel BSR project team prepared the final project newsletter summarising the main benefits of the project, the results achieved within 9 months and future plans.

The main task has also been successfully implemented – to provide business support measures by continuing to improve the quality and availability of the innovation broker network support, as well as developing a proposal for the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) smart specialisation strategy (S3) based on the Trans-S3 methodology.

The GoSmart&Excel BSR newsletter is available HERE.

Transnational Innovation Brokerage System – the key to success in the development of competitiveness

Transnational Innovation Brokerage System (TIBS) supports small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the extension of their business activity on foreign markets. As a part of the GoSmart&Excel BSR project, we have developed a set of specialised tools, which help Innovation Brokers to identify potential and needs of entrepreneurs from seven Baltic See Regions, and then support them in looking for appropriate partners abroad.

“Experience has proved that if an Innovation Broker manages to build trust-based relationships, this cooperation will last for a long time. It means that the role of Innovation Broker could also be compared to the role of a psychologist, and it is a big value for companies.” Laura Gredzens, Innovation Broker in Valga Municipality Government.

We’re going digital

The GoSmart&Excel BSR project organised training in the EU capital, Brussels, for international innovation consultants, where both project consultants and European consultants improved their skills and deepened their knowledge on innovation consultancy. During the training, international innovation consultants were also introduced to TIBS e-tool. They got the chance to test TIBS beta version and provide feedback on how the newly developed tool would provide a better understanding of companies and how it would contribute to the development of innovation partnerships in the region. The discussion that followed the presentation revealed that most innovation consultants see the great potential of this tool, however, the companies might need some convincing to devote time to TIBS and start using it.

Proactive work and joint solutions are a key to resilience

The project’s team were proud to be a part of the European Week of Regions and Cities 2021 where they organised a session “Building a Resilient Innovation Ecosystem for the Baltic Sea Region”. It provided insights on how to build a resilient innovation ecosystem and the Trans-S3 for the BSR and practical actions to implement joint innovation – such as the TIBS – was presented, as well as the opportunities for organisations to adopt this approach and join the network, and the benefits involved.

Trans-S3 methodology and TIBS – promising assets in facilitating more strategic business cooperation in the Baltic Sea region

The Baltic Institute of Finland as a partner of GoSmart&Excel BSR and coordinator of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region Policy Area Innovation (PA INNO) promotes the Trans-S3 methodology and TIBS developed within the GoSmart&Excel project as promising assets in facilitating more strategic business cooperation in the Baltic Sea region.

“Trans-S3 methodology and the identified strongest S3 shared priorities in the BSR as well as the TIBS can help building long-term strategic innovation cooperation and partnerships that can eventually lead to joint investments. The role of regions in supporting the development of strategic partnerships is essential, says Johanna Leino, Development Manager at the Baltic Institute of Finland. “It requires political will, leadership and good regional innovation governance including continuous interaction with business, research, public and non-governmental sector actors.”